Best of 2018 (or my continuing effort to drag Pipes out of the 80’s and 90’s and into the music of today)

SeaDick is back bitches!  I of course say that with nothing but affection.  I see my brother Pipes has published a few of his “premier” blog postings to keep you entertained in my lengthy absence.  As for my absence, all I can say is I’ve been a little busy and “priorities.”  But never mind, I’m back and I promise to try to provide you (all 11 of you) with my scintillating insight about the important stuff we follow here on the MWTGB.  To that end, as is my habit, with the turning of the calendar to 2019, I’ve spent some time thinking about the great things that came our way in 2018, especially music.  I was further inspired by the receipt of this in the mail:


I know what you are saying:  “What the fuck is that?”  Well, its “Spargs Best of 2018” in CD form of course.  The obvious follow up question is “what the fuck is a CD?”  It’s an outdated format for recording and listening to music.  Then again, when I received it in the mail from my good friend and fellow music lover Spargs, the first reaction I had was “how the  hell am I going to listen to this?”  So the side story is that Spargs likes to take a stack of these anytime he goes out to a bar and pass out a few of these as conversation openers.  I’ll let you guess who gets the lion share of these things and it’s not middle-aged dudes.  But I digress.  As it turns out, Spargs isn’t a complete Luddite so he also makes his best of available on Spotify.  Here ya go:

Spargs knows his tunes, so give it a listen.  While there is usually a good deal of overlap between Spargs and me, our tastes do diverge a bit and, as stated at the outset, I am a on my annual Sisyphean task (look it up Gnoob), trying to get Pipes to listen to some music created after 1998.  Now he will tell you that this isn’t a fair comment, that in fact that he does listen to new music and he will undoubtedly point to Greta Van Fleet.  My obvious response will be that he gets no new music credit for listening to a Led Zeppelin cover band.

In an effort to avoid getting into that debate again however, I’m just going to throw some music from 2018 out there in the hopes that he will give it a listen and up his game.  I’m going to start with something that ought to get his attention as well.  A great musician who has a social conscience and isn’t afraid to let the world know it.  I may not always agree with Pipes on the political issues of the day (what he won’t admit is that I agree with more of them than he is willing to acknowledge), but I can’t argue with most of the messages that Will Hoge includes in his latest album, My American Dream.  I’m pretty sure that Pipes will agree with all of them.  Will Hoge is hard to classify — Americana, country, country rock, singer-songwriter — labels always seem problematic to me.  What I will say about him is that he’s a helluva musician.  If you like Mellencamp (that’s to pique Pipes interest) or Isbell (one of my all time favs), you will like Will Hoge.  Give it a listen.

More to follow of course as 2018 was a pretty good year in music, but fair warning Pipes, I’m not ranking them.  Deal with it.

SeaDick out.

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