Escalator 1, Jesus 0

This has got to be the worst day for Jesus ever, am I right?  Well, second worst day at least. I assume that this is a real Jesus.  He looks like Jesus, with the robes, the Jesus beard and a damn nice flow.  Plus he is carrying a cross, and who else carries a cross around?  No one, that’s who.  And I certainly can’t disprove this guy is the son of God and died 2000 years ago for all of us sinners.  So he must be Jesus.  But Christ, he is having a shitty day.  So proud of that cross, even though that may be worst cross ever.  You couldn’t crucify anyone on that thing except for maybe a little baby.  And everyone is laughing at him.  People are supposed to be wailing and getting healed and shit, not laughing.  Just a really bad day for Jesus today.  Amen. 

I Know Who I’m Voting for Governor of Arizona and It Is Mr. Noah Dyer


So how about this fucking guy!  Mr. Noah Dyer is running for governor of Arizona.  And Mr. Noah Dyer will not let any scandal or controversy get in his way!  In fact, future Governor Noah has an entire page of his website devoted to his “Scandal and Controversy.”  Gotta respect that.  Actually, if I have ever respected anything more than that I can’t think of it.  Just getting right out in front of the “enemy of the people” fake news media who would try to bring him down for basically living life, banging married chicks and making sex videos that are already out there on the internets anyway. Continue reading

Must Watch – Oscar VFX Winners from 1927-2016

Just bringing this to your attention, but you will not regret watching clips from each of the special effects Oscar winners through the years.  Not a premiere blog by any means, but kinda fun when you have a spare 11 minutes.  Puts it all in perspective over time.  And, after watching this, I say the movies were not actually realistic, where you could not tell the difference between reality and fake news, until about the early 2000’s.  Hey, watch and decide for yourself.

But then they get to the last few years?  WTF?  Never even heard of those movies.  Everything is realistic, so anyone can win. Probably won because they had an alliance or something.

The Protests Against Me Protesting the Planned Parenthood Protesters are Unconstitutional


As previously reported here, I spent the morning protesting against the protesters at Planned Parenthood, and by “spent the morning” I mean I walked by and told them that god isn’t real and that they just made him up to make themselves feel better.  Since my lawful protest of the protesters, I have been subjected to endless harassment and criticism in my own home, including allegations that I am intolerant and a bigot, that my camera skills suck ass, that I wear a “uniform” consisting of “mom jeans” and Adidas, and that I was unfairly “harassing peaceful ,God fearing Christians.”  This harassment and criticism OF ME, which is clearly unconstitutional, must be abated forthwith.   Continue reading

The Magic Ipod is Awesome, You Guys


You guys gotta hear this!!  Check out  You will not regret it.  Basically you can combine, or “mashup”, a rap song and a pop song from the 2000’s to make a whole new song!  If you do the math, and I have, you can create a couple hundred or so combinations from songs you already know and like, but alas, each combo is a whole new song.  What a great way to “Keep Going,” as IJ advised in his famous one-and-done manifesto of the same name.  

I am all in on the The Magic Ipod and will be enjoying it as long as it is available, which likely won’t be long, because this is copyright infringement of the first order of magnitude.  So enjoy it while you can before someone ruins the fun like they always do.

Pamela Anderson is Back and I Wanted You Guys to be Aware of It

Coco de Mer x Pamela Anderson: Take Your Breath Away, by The Full Service from RankinFilm on Vimeo.

As you know, my self assigned duty here at the MWAG blog is to keep track of what’s up with the smokes from back in the day, especially the blonde ones.  Well, here’s one that you definitely need to be aware of.  Pamela Anderson, of Baywatch, Playboy and sex tape fame, stars in what the internets are calling an “anti-Valentines Day” ad for a sex toy shop called Coco de Mer.  Spoiler alert, but the ad features Pamela enjoying Valentines Day (which is real) all by herself with the aid of merchandise purchased from said sex toy shop Coco de Mer.  Definitely didn’t see that coming.   Continue reading

My First Protest Today Went About As Well As Could Be Expected

So on my way to get some caffeine this morning I encountered the protesters outside Planned Parenthood, and by on my way I mean about a mile out of my way so that I could hassle the protesters outside Planned Parenthood.  I was hoping there would be a bunch of hot babes counter protesting with whom I could join ranks and chant along, maybe even get a pink stocking cap.  But alas, what luck have I?  It was just me on the side of all that is right and good, so I did my best under the circumstances.  Am I a hero?  Who’s to say.  But yes, yes I am. Continue reading