Sports Bracket

Sports Bracket

The following are the premier blogs in the Sports Bracket, with links to the original post:

#1 Seed – Top Ten Cubs Games of 2016

Idyt’s definitive list, in order, of the Top Ten Cubs Games of 2016.  #1 was easy.  The others, not so much.

#2 Seed – Super Bowl “50” My Ass

Idyt registers his profound objection to Super Bowl “L” being called Super Bowl “50”.

#3 Seed – Kentucky Derby Live Blog

Idyt’s live blog with Kool Gregg and the Gang at the Derby.

#4 Seed – WWMD – Official Rules

The official rules for Idyt’s and Seadick’s revolutionary new game WWMD, or What Will Maddon Do, inviting participants to guess the Cub’s starting lineup for each game.

#5 Seed – Golf Course Review — Shadow Creek

SeaDick’s review of Vegas’ “spectacular” Shadow Creek golf course.

#6 Seed – You People Saying that Sports Stars Should Just Shut Up, Should, Well, Just Shut Up

Idyt’s response to everyone criticizing sports stars and actors for speaking out about politics.

#7 Seed – Twitter Guessers Aren’t Real

Idyt checks in on the fame people get for predicting wildly improbably events on the Twitter machine.

#8 Seed – WWMD Special Edition – Phillies v. Cubs

Idyt reports antics from the Cubs game with Slim, the Captain and Satan.

Music Bracket

Music Bracket

The following are the premier blogs in the Music Bracket, with links to the original post:

#1 Seed – Keep Going

Irish Jesus’ manifesto on exploring, finding and experiencing new music, and maybe even life in general.

#2 Seed – Top X Power Ballads

Idyt’s definitive list of the Top 10 power ballads of all time.

#3 Seed – Prince was AWOL from USA for Africa

Idyt notes that Prince wasn’t there when America needed him the most, for We Are the World.

#4 Seed – SeaDick’s Best Albums of 2016

SeaDick reviews the top albums of 2016, in alphabetical order, lest you be tempted to think he might rank them.

#5 Seed – Live Blog – Springsteen Concert

Idyt took a wrong turn and he just kept going, ending up at the Springsteen concert in Louisville, which he live blogged alone like a “looser.”

#6 Seed – Top X Eagles Songs

Idyt’s tribute to the Eagles after the death of Glenn Frey, including a history of the Eagles and their top 10 songs.

#7 Seed – Lost Tracks – Joey by Concrete Blonde

The first of Idyt’s short lived “Lost Tracks” blogs, covering that drunk Joey and the woman who just didn’t understand.

#8 Seed – “We Are The World” – A Definitive History

Idyt’s obsession with “We are the World” continued, including the 2010 remake for Haiti, which featured the brunette Stacy Ferguson and sucked balls.

Babes Bracket

Babes Bracket

The following are the premier blogs in the Babes Bracket, with links to the original post:

#1 Seed – Top 10 Hottest Robots 2.0

Idyt’s controversial list of the hottest robots ever to grace the screen, revised to include the smoking synths he left off the first list.

#2 Seed – I Gotta Weigh In On the Yoga Pants Controversy

Idyt weighs in on the latest yoga pants controversy, and who should or should not be wearing them.

#3 Seed – Valentine’s Day is Stupid, You Guys

Idyt provides a little history on Valentine’s Day, and why it totally sucks.

#4 Seed – Fergie is Back and She Brought Her Hot Mom Friends

Idyt’s review of Fergie’s M.I.L.F. $$ video generated the most comments of the year.

#5 Seed – Wall Posters – Special Springsteen Edition

SeaDick checks in on Courtney Cox and Jennifer Anniston.

#6  Seed – Blonde Tracks – Fergalicious by Fergie

Idyt provides a comprehensive Fergie report.

#7 Seed – Wall Posters – Cindy Crawford

Seadick celebrates Cindy Crawford’ 50th birthday.

#8 Seed – Blonde Tracks – Heart of Glass by Blondie

Idyt gives up on the “Lost Tracks,” just goes with “Blonde Tracks”

Bro Stuff Bracket

Bro Stuff

The following are the premier blogs in the Bro Stuff Bracket, with links to the original post:

#1 Seed – Merrill’s Marauders

Mongo’s heartfelt tribute to the WWII hero Garb, who saved the world, and Mongo too.

#2 Seed – Video Archives – Sh*t Our Dad Says

Video made by Idyt’s kids of all the shit he says.

#3 Seed – Are Found Casino chips a Good Thing, or Nah?

Idyt’s thoughtful consideration of whether it is good to find casino chips, or maybe a sign that you have a serious problem.  And guidelines on what to do when you find them.

#4 Seed – New Nickname – The Sandman

Idyt’s insightful analysis of nicknames, and how, why and when men give them.

#5 Seed – Another Sign of the Impending Apocalypse – Cucumber Beer

SeaDick’s hot take on cucumber beer and German beer purity laws, including a story about a caddy with “unparalleled situational awareness.”

#6 Seed – One Finger has Gotta Go. Who you got?

Idyt’s ode to each of his individual fingers.  And, if he lost one (which he might), which one can go first.

#7 Seed – Ted Cruz Doesn’t Know the First Goddamn Thing About Nicknames, is a Dork

Idyt’s continued obession with nicknames, and how they were affecting the 2016 presidential campaign.

#8 Seed – Enter Sandman

First blog from our resident Trump supporter, The Sandman, putting the pussy libtards to sleep with the rightedness of his views which come directly from God, who is white.

2016-17 Monkey with a Gun Premier Blog Playoff

Bracket 1Bracket 2

Welcome to our premiere Monkey with a Gun Premier Blog Playoff, wherein we will decide the championship premier blog of the 2016-17 season!  32 of our blogs have been divided into four categories–Bro Stuff, Babes, Music and Sports–where they will compete for your vote to decide the overall champion.  Cast your votes here, or click on the bracket above to be directed to the voting website, where you can also click through to read the Top 32 2016-17 Premier Blogs.

Voting will take place starting NOW, with the champion decided next Monday night at 8:00 p.m.  Voting closes on each round at the following times:

Round of 32 – March 29 at 8:00 p.m.

Sweet Sixteen – Friday, March 31 at 8:00 p.m.

Elite 8 – Saturday April 1 at 8:00 p.m.

Final 4 – Sunday, April 2 at 8:00 p.m.

Championship – Monday, April 3 at 8:00 p.m.

Good Luck, and may the most premier blog win!

Website here if links won’t work: 



Viral Alert – Hi Stranger

Hi Stranger from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

Really didn’t want to post this, but, as you know, I took an oath to let you guys know if something was going viral.  An oath is an oath, and this guy is definitely going viral.

I can’t explain this video, and the less said about it the better.  I will let the creepy melted candlestick looking thing do the talking.  It is burning up the internets, and once you have seen it, you can’t unsee it.  So there you go, and I can check it off my list.

Bro Night Movie Night Review – The Accountant

The Accountant

So we started a new tradition on Wednesday nights that we call “Bro Night Movie Night.”  For Bro Night Movie Night, we pick out what we think might be a good bro movie, make some guy food like pizza or chili or tacos, and then bust balls and ass around for a couple hours watching said bro flick.  All are welcome, assuming you have at least one testicle.  Girls are definitely not welcome, because they would probably try to make us watch “the Notebook” or some shit.  Yea, well screw that, we want to see movies where guys get shot in the face and stuff gets blown up.  

Well, Jesus and Goldie are pissing and moaning because I haven’t blogged about the guy movies we have watched, because apparently I promised to do that at some point.  To shut them up, here is my take on The Accountant.   Continue reading