Mango Got New Wrenches

It’s that time of year in the golf world where you start assessing your game to try to figure out why you didn’t get your index down from a 13 to a 2.  Can’t be due to ability right?  Has to be the clubs.  Accordingly, both Mango and I got some new irons.  I got the new Ping G400s, which, while taking a little while to get used to, I like a lot.  Mango got these sweet looking beasts at Club Champion.  And when I say “these” I literally mean the ones in the picture.  Club Champion is advertising with Mango’s actual irons.  Seems like they should have given him a discount or something, just sayin.

Another Sign of the Impending Apocalypse — Cucumber Beer


I think that most of you know that we here at the Monkey are big fans of Beer. I’m pretty sure that AB/InBev is about to award IJ a lifetime achievement medal to go along with his Hall of Fame induction in 1998 with Mongo about to receive his own HOF induction any day now. Oops, stand by, the ADHD just kicked in and I’m going to go on a little beer tangent before I get back to fooking cucumber beer, so grab a frosty one and buckle up. Continue reading

Golf Course Review — Shadow Creek


Whenever the String starts planning a trip to Vegas, golf invariably enters the discussion.  It usually gets dismissed pretty quickly because, as IJ is want to say, “You can’t serve two masters.”  And when it comes to Vegas and IJ, the master serving a steady stream of buds while allowing him to preach his unique brand of wisdom to four or five other people at the Blackjack table 18 hours at a stretch is pretty damn persuasive. Continue reading