Video Archives – Mr. Hair Gel Overgeller

Here’s a 2007 video tribute to Noodle, the man formally known as Mr. Hair Gel Overgeller.  I joke about stuff going viral, but this one actually sort of went viral, at least by 2007 standards.  Noodle reported that guys from his company found it and showed it at a national sales conference.  On Youtube, it got 10,000 views.  That was kind of a big deal back then.  Whatever, right. Continue reading

Video Archives – Sh*t Our Dad Says

Dug into the video archives today to start a new feature that I will call “Video Archives” because they are videos from the archives.  Simple enough.  No need to overthink it.

So the kids put this together for me on Father’s Day 2012.  Pretty solid work, if we are being honest with one another.  I keep trying to get them to do a new one because I come up with new funny shit all the time, and there would be no shortage of material, that’s for sure.  Well, Father’s Day is coming up soon, and you know what is on my list.