Spotify is OK, I Guess

2019-01-10 spotify

Inspired by SeaDick’s blog of yesterday covering the latest music, I planted myself in front of my laptop and ridiculously giant extra screen to blog about the Sopranos’ anniversary.  Figured I would acknowledge the truth of SeaDick’s allegations regarding my musical proclivities, and move on with some deep thoughts about the greatest television show of all time.  Having been called out by SeaDick, I had to at least give him the goddamn common courtesy of checking out this “Spotify” thing, and the new music he is promoting.  Anyway, this is awesome!

I couldn’t listen to SeaDick’s suggested songs without downloading the Spotify app, which I did, which then triggered an offer to upgrade to Spotify “premium.”  Not to brag, but I can afford it, although that’s ten bucks a month I won’t ever get back. 

So then I log in to my new “premium” account, and someone at Spotify, in the space of about ten seconds, has prepared a suggested playlist for me.  It is glorious!  How did they do that?  How would they know all these great songs I would like?  Starting off with a deep cut from Chris Isaak, which really sets the mood for blogging, and then some fire tunes from Supertramp and the The Go-Go’s, interspersed with some mellow stuff from Lionel Richie and the Commodores.  Perfect!!  Its like when you log on to Amazon to buy some toilet paper, and Amazon already knows that you need toilet paper and has it teed up right there to click on.  Blows my mind, and kind of freaks me out, every time.

At any rate, thanks CD.  I will get to that song list in due course, but first I have a 2 hours and 3 minutes of tunes chosen especially for me by the geniuses at Spotify.  Magnet and Steel coming up next.  What a world!



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