Happy Deplorables Day!!!


I woke up to a bunch of congratulatory texts today–feels like my birthday!!  So excited.  Just a great day to be an American!  Congradulations President Trump ,and please tell those masons you got lined up along the Arizona border to commence building of the wall!  What a great day for white people.  Free at last!

Seriously, someone really should do a wellness check on Pipes.  Haven’t heard from him all day.  Did anyone track Pipes’ phone?  Is he at the National Mall in D.C.?  He may be getting ready to march with the other women tomorrow, or he might be in a fetal position in his bed still.  No doubt Pipes is in full pillow-biting mode now.  

And how about that crook Hillary at the inaugeralation!  LOCK HER UP, am I right?  Love that Trump made her come and sit there and watch him get sworned in.  Love it.  How thick are the Depends Hillary has on to not leave a shart stain on her off-white pant suit?  Probably got some extra Botox to keep her face in that smile position.  And Bill was definitely checking out our new First Lady’s ass.  He’s a hard dog to keep on the porch.

Meanwhile, a bunch of Libtards were protesting and smashing windows and setting fire to Limos.  A bunch of unemployed protesters with poorly made signs.  You should be required to produce your tax returns before being allowed to protest!

If Barry did a better job those people would be at work and not in the streets acting like assholes.  Seriously , why haven’t theese protesters been shot yet?  You wouldn’t even have to shoot them all because that would be a waste of ammo.  Just shoot a few of ’em and I bet the rest shut up.  You don’t see people protesting Putin do you?  Pipes prolly protesting somewhere, or shopping for suitcases.  He’s so far in Denial he’s in Rwanda.

America feels greater already.  

There is this pain in the ass DOL (Department of Labor) rule that Barry put in place via executive order.  Trump is gonna dump it immediately.  That alone is worth this.  DOL is fucked up.

Then Pipes spread the FAKE NEWS that less people showed up for Trump’s inaugeraltion than for Barry’s.


Well, people with money stay warm.  And they’re at work.  Who cares who shows up.  Ceremony is ceremony.  Time to get to work.  All that matters is who has the pen.  Plus I think Pipes got catfishes–again.

Protesters throwing bricks and fireworks at the police…just shoot the protesters.  Getting to that point.  There are always casualties.  They don’t contribute…good riddance.  Who cares–Trump won!  He was easy to beat- really easy.  

I saw an African American lady swear at a cop.  MLK week-sad.  So much intolerance.

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