Lyin’ Ted Cruz Thinks a Basketball Rim is Called a “Ring”

Indiana is shaping up to be a key state in the Republican primary this year.  Trump can pretty much finish off Lyin’ Ted Cruz next Tuesday with a win in Indiana, so both candidates are hitting Indiana hard this week.  Trump is coming to Indiana today to receive the endorsement of Bobby Knight, which is an absolutely brilliant move because the dumbest people in Indiana are IU fans and graduates, and therefore likely Trump supporters. Meanwhile, the idiot Lyin’ Ted Cruz totally blew it yesterday trying to pander to Indiana’s love of basketball and the movie Hoosiers. Continue reading

We All Need to Know More About Balk Rules Because John Gant


Trust me on this, but there will come a time in the not too distant future when you are watching a ballgame and the Atlanta Braves will send this new kid, rookie reliever John Gant, to the mound.  Gant will proceed to juke his leg around before he pitches, and then stop in the middle of his delivery for no apparent reason, and then complete the pitch.  When you see it, your buddies and/or know-it-all son will exclaim, “What the hell!!  He can’t do that!  That’s a damn balk.”  Well, if you have read the rules, and I have (as of this morning), it isn’t a balk when there aren’t any runners on base, and it also isn’t an illegal pitch, apparently.  I only know this because I looked up the rules and I can read.  At any rate, I’m here to report my findings, so that when this Gant kid takes the mound and the inevitable debate ensues over what constitutes a balk and/or an illegal pitch, you will know the applicable rules and can impress your friends with your baseball knowledge.  You’re welcome. Continue reading

MMFU — Final Update

I know, I know, you are saying WTF SeaDick?  Where have the MMFUs been.  Well, all I have to say is that I have a job and it was a full time job just keeping track of all the wagers that Kool and I had going over the last 3 weeks.  117 of them at last count.  That was a full time job in and of itself.  Anyhoo, here’s how things ended up.

This was good:


This was bad, very bad:


It resulted in this:


Kool is Dr. Evil of course.