Your President is Making Appointments based on how People Look and No One is Surprised in the Slightest


They are out here saying that your president Donald Trump rejected John Bolton as Secretary of State because he didn’t like his mustache.  I may surprise some people with this hot take, but I’m with your president on this one.  That mustache is awful.  A man can’t make good decisions about what happens on the world stage if he can’t make good decisions about what happens on his own face.

John Bolton, of course, is a known war monger.  Trump didn’t need to know that.  He just saw that white rain forest dripping from Bolton’s nose, and he didn’t make the cut.  Same as Chris Christie.  Christie was the first normal politician to hop on the Trump bandwagon, and also the first thrown off when Trump got elected.  If you don’t think Christie got sidelined because he is a fat fuck with a FUPA the size of a truck tire then you haven’t been paying attention.  What a world.



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