Viral Alert – Salt Bae

I made some steaks and Ore Ida shoestring fries last night without cutting off any parts of my hand (nbd).  When serving this feast, The Savage started tossing salt all over the fucking place like a damn weirdo, much to everyone’s amusement and cheers of “SALT BAE!!!”   Caught unawares, per usual, I demanded to know what the hell “SALT BAE” (pronounced “bay,” means “before anyone else”) meant.  Well, apparently we have a hot new thing on the Internet streets, a guy many are out there saying is the first Internet sensation of 2017.  So it is my sworn duty to report it.  More video below.

Meet Salt Bae, a Turkish chef with a certain flare when cutting the meat.  If you have ever taken a knife skills class, and I have (long story), you would recognize he’s got some mad knife skills.  Cuts on the forward motion, has the finger on top of the blade, doesn’t cut off parts of the hand holding the meat, etc.  But that’s not what got him Internet famous.  I have no idea what it is, but all the women want him, and all the guys wanna be him.  Is it the man bun?  Is it the spanking he delivers to the meat before slicing it up?  The loving and sensitive touch on that pliant flesh?  The spices he delivers from above to those really thin slices of delicious meat?  Hell if I know, but he’s a thing.  Well, whatever, I report, you decide.  Salt Bae is setting the Internets afire.  Can’t explain it, just reporting it.


Not sure if a “No Homo” declaration is required on this blog or not, but just in case–No homo.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.

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