RIP Tom Petty

Nothing reminds you more of your mortality than when one of your Rock and Roll idols shuffles off this mortal coil (that’s a Shakespeare reference Gnoobs). It was a punch to the gut yesterday when I heard the news that Tom Petty had passed away. That was followed by a brief period of hope as I heard that Tom was clinging to life. That news was further punctuated by Tom’s daughter’s response to Rolling Stone’s report that he had passed.

Let this be a warning to not fuck with Tom Petty’s daughter. That would be about as smart as playing Mississippi Stud (or as Mango has renamed it, Mississippi Dumbass). How’d that work out for you Pipes?

Alas, the good news was only temporary, as we lost one of the greatest American rock artists (not band IJ, artist) later in the evening.  In any event, I’m not here to make fun of Pipes, well not primarily, but to remember Mr. Petty in the way we do around here at the Monkey, with a list of his greatest. Without further ado, here are the top 5 Tom Petty songs of all time. YMMV.

#5. Don’t Do Me Like That

#4.  Breakdown

#3. Free Fallin’

#2.  Refugee

#1.  American Girl

3 thoughts on “RIP Tom Petty

    • Andy, I almost always agree with you. Almost. But here we part ways. Mayer is a pedophile. Not literally, but maybe literally. He cheapens anything he covers. Now, I agree with your ultimate conclusion. There is no doubt that Sea Dick got it wrong. I am willing to overlook it in this instance because alotta guys overlook Refugee completely, and almost nobody would correctly slot it in at number 2 where it of course belongs.


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