Golf Course Review — Shadow Creek


Whenever the String starts planning a trip to Vegas, golf invariably enters the discussion.  It usually gets dismissed pretty quickly because, as IJ is want to say, “You can’t serve two masters.”  And when it comes to Vegas and IJ, the master serving a steady stream of buds while allowing him to preach his unique brand of wisdom to four or five other people at the Blackjack table 18 hours at a stretch is pretty damn persuasive.

That being said, if you are going to get outside (another of my favorite IJism’s in Vegas is “You have a pool?”) and you are of the golfing persuasion, then put Shadow Creek on the short list.  Hell, if you are golf fan, you should find a way to get there whether you like the other stuff that Vegas has to offer or not.

In one word, it’s spectacular.  Currently ranked as the 6th best public golf course in the country it’s a hidden gem.  I’m always surprised by how many avid golfers have never played there or, in many instances, have not even heard of it.

Built by Steve Wynn in 1990 and designed by Tom Fazio it lives up to the ranking.  Now I know what your thinking: “but SeaDick the greens fees are $500!” My obvious retort is “Dude, that’s 5 hands of Blackjack or dinner for 2 at STK.”  Trust me, it’s worth it.  If you don’t believe me, ask this guy:



Or these guys:


The clubhouse is great, the staff is impeccable and the caddies are the best you will find anywhere.  Our most recent one was the brother of Tour Player Chris Reilly, Kevin.  He did everything you want a caddie to do — all the usual reading of putts, measuring of distances and telling us where to hit and where not to hit it.  He also was just a great guy and he made sure we never had less than 4 beers in the cooler at any given time.

Shadow also has one of my favorite holes in golf, the 17th.


It’s a par 3 of 140 yards and is the perfect hole if there are dollars on the line and you need a roll or re-roll to get you on the right side of the ledga.

One bit of info you will need if you do want to make a trip out there.  Even though it was built by Steve Wynn, he sold it to MGM so if you want to play there you need to be staying at an MGM property.  Complimentary limo service to and from your hotel is included in the fee as is the caddie fee, rental clubs and cart.  You can put all your incidentals on your room charge as well.


SeaDick –89

($) — 83

Not bad for a mid-February round.  I’ll be back.

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