Video Archives – Mr. Hair Gel Overgeller

Here’s a 2007 video tribute to Noodle, the man formally known as Mr. Hair Gel Overgeller.  I joke about stuff going viral, but this one actually sort of went viral, at least by 2007 standards.  Noodle reported that guys from his company found it and showed it at a national sales conference.  On Youtube, it got 10,000 views.  That was kind of a big deal back then.  Whatever, right.

But about that hair.  In the 80’s, 90’s and well into the aughts, Noodle kept the hair gel companies in business. Actually, if you look at the historical record, and I have, petroleum prices remained robust during that entire period, and I attribute that to use of the sticky goo that went into Noodle’s locks for over two decades.  

Back at the Delt house in the late 80’s, Noodle had a shrine set up to keep those sticky stalagmites in place (or was it stalactites?). Noodle’s shrine included a huge mirror, of course, a five gallon bucket of petroleum, assorted combs and multiple framed pictures of himself.  This shrine may or may not have actually existed, if we are being honest with one another, but if it did I don’t think anyone would have been shocked either.

 Well, the word on the street is that Noodle has given up the sticky stuff, and is now going with a natural flow.  Just checked out a pic of Dan and his wife Connie on the Facebook from one of their recent world travels.  He told me he gave up the stuff, and that may actually be the case.  Probably the reason that gas prices are so low, if you know anything about supply and demand.

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