Cubs Predicted to Win the Most Games in MLB and Now I Have Something to Look Forward To

So, after a depressing morning listening to Concrete Blonde, this just came in over the interweb.  Holy Cow!  Cubs are predicted to have the most wins in baseball this season!

I know this is just a prediction, but it has to be true, right?  I mean, otherwise the US of A Today couldn’t publish it, right?  

And look at that!  101 WINS!  I love winners, and that is a helluva lot of wins, I think.  When was the last time the Cubs won 101 games?  Have the Cubs ever won 101 games?  How would you even find something like that out?

Oh, and look at this. The other Chicago team is predicted to win their shitty division, and have 90 wins. That can’t possibly be right, but let’s say it is just for fun. Does that mean we are probably looking at a Red Line World Series?  We would just walk over to LaSalle and head north for the first two games, and then get a bodyguard and head south for the final two games. Wouldn’t that be convenient. 

As Mr. Burnham advised, Make No Small Plans!

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