Pamela Anderson is Back and I Wanted You Guys to be Aware of It

Coco de Mer x Pamela Anderson: Take Your Breath Away, by The Full Service from RankinFilm on Vimeo.

As you know, my self assigned duty here at the MWAG blog is to keep track of what’s up with the smokes from back in the day, especially the blonde ones.  Well, here’s one that you definitely need to be aware of.  Pamela Anderson, of Baywatch, Playboy and sex tape fame, stars in what the internets are calling an “anti-Valentines Day” ad for a sex toy shop called Coco de Mer.  Spoiler alert, but the ad features Pamela enjoying Valentines Day (which is real) all by herself with the aid of merchandise purchased from said sex toy shop Coco de Mer.  Definitely didn’t see that coming.  

Glad to see that Pamela is still throwing heat at the age of 49.  The internet also tells me that Pamela has “embraced her age” and sworn off plastic surgery and Botox because she is “getting younger all the time,” and also that she has been cured of the Hep C that she caught from Tommy Lee.  Now you know what I know about Pamela Anderson, you guys.


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