Wall Posters – Farrah Fawcett

Farrah poster

Seadick just invented a new feature for Monkey with a Gun that he calls “Wall Posters,” where you post a famous poster of a hot babe that we had hanging on our wall in our younger days, and then follow up with a picture of where she is now.  As I often say, I have never had an original idea in my life, but I know a great idea when I hear one.

This feature would have no street cred whatsoever if we don’t cover the GOAT, the Farrah Fawcett swimsuit poster!  Everyone had this classic poster from the 70’s.  That smile, the flowing mane, the tan, the teeth, and all the other little things that really pull the whole thing together.

Here are a couple more photo’s of Farrah, and a couple with the other Charlie’s Angels babes Jaclyn Smith and Jackson, who really deserve their own separate post.

Charlies angels sitting

charlies angels standing

So, let’s see if we can figure out where Farrah is now.  Uh oh.

FarrahFawcett1 grave

Well that went about as well as could be expected.  RIP, Farrah.


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