Marco Rubio Uses Images of Canada in New Campaign Ad, Is an Idiot


Marco Rubiobot just dropped a new campaign ad called “Morning Again in America.”  The ad features a bunch of depressing pictures and sad people, lamenting how terrible things are under “this president” and his accomplice Hillary Clinton.  The first depressing scene of America, however, isn’t America at all, but our good friends up north in CANADA.  Whoops.

Here’s the video:

Note in the first scene this building in the background:


That building is the Vancouver Lookout Tower which, of course, is in Vancouver.  

Vancouver Lookout Tower

Vancouver is in Canada.

And if you look closely at the depressing little tug boat at the start of the video, the boat is flying a Canadian flag.  I know, because I went to a hockey game last night and there were Canadian flags all over the place.

boat with arrow

Now, I realize that Marco didn’t make this video himself.  But some idiot hired by Marco and his campaign organization sat down at his Mac to make a video about how depressing it is America, and didn’t even have the goddamn common courtesy to use pictures of America when disparaging America.  

You Fox News fans are saying, well it wasn’t Marco, so big deal.  Uh yea, it is a big deal!

What if, god forbid, Marcobot gets elected president and some guy working for him wants to bomb Abdullahstan or wherever, but instead pulls up a picture of Kazakhstan or Beijing and doesn’t know the goddamn difference.  Next thing you know its Red Dawn 3 and the Russians and Chinese are parachuting into Montana and the Wolverines have to go hide in the mountains while their parents are rounded up and put in concentration camps until Patrick Swayze can get everyone organized for a counterattack, which can’t even happen because Patrick Swayze died of the cancer a few years back.  But you get my point.  

If Rubio and his current squad can’t even make a goddamn internet video about America, do you think that asshat is ready to lead the free world?

And Vancouver is not a depressing city either, so I also take offense to that too.  I’ve been to Vancouver.  A few times.  And not because I was dodging the draft or anything, because there is no draft, but because Vancouver is fun.  Vancouver has lots to do, the seafood is first rate and Whistler is just up the road for some great skiing.  No one will disparage Vancouver on my watch.  That little Rubio clown has probably never even been to Vancouver.

Although I know I risk getting penalized 15 yards for excessive celebration, here’s a video of Marcobot getting his ass handed to him at a recent debate by that quitter Chris Christie, just for fun.

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