Live Blog – Springsteen Concert

img_7712When I left Bloomington today I took a wrong turn and I just kept going. Ended up in Louisville, where there is apparently a Springsteen concert tonight.    Might as well stick around and see what’s up. And since I’m by myself, might as well blog it. 

Saw this show a few weeks ago in Chicago and it was incredible.  Springsteen does all the songs off the The River, in order, then ten or so of his other top hits.

Got in, finally. Big crowd out front and YUGE lines. Everyone knows the Boss never starts on time.

img_7708-1So this is the KFC Yum! Center.  (“Yum!”  what the hell does that mean.  So stupid.)  KFC, of course, is short for Kentucky FRIED Chicken. Most people know that, but the KFC marketing people are trying to make everyone forget that the F stands for FRIED.  Well, I’m here to remind you.  You’re welcome.  Ridiculous anyway, because no one would eat their shitty chicken if they didn’t basically fry a doughnut around it.  But whatever, they do have a helluva nice stadium here, with lots of KFC and Papa John’s on offer.

Found my seat. Pretty much 51 yard line!

First song with lights up. I don’t know this song?!  Tall kid next to me knew it and was singing along. I gotta be better. Asked the tall kid and he had an explantation but I can’t hear him

THE TIES THAT BIND!!!  Great song!

And Next of course Sherrie Darling, where Bruce has to deal with this babe and her mom, and drive her down to the unemployment agency.  Jeesh.

“Let there be sunlight, let there be rain. Let the broken hearted love again.”

40 year old next to me already talking to me more than her husband. Kinda concerning.  She keeps talking she’ll be walking that last block.

She wants to know what I’m doing. I’m blogging, talk to your husband.

Jackson Cage!!  Had some great insights on Jackson Cage but can’t blog them because this blonde bugging me.  Pretty much like life.

And Two Hearts are better than one. I’m not here with a date for a reason, and this girl won’t leave me alone. Ugh. There’s some important messages in this song and I’m missing them, maybe.

Bugging me on Independence Day too. Jeesh. !!

They should have a setting on Stubhub where you can avoid sitting next to talkers with husbands. Would be ok if no husband. Remind me to call Stubhub on this.

“We got another leaving home song!”

Like a river that don’t know where it’s going, I took a wrong turn and I just kept going.

Don’t make no difference what anybody says, nobody wants to be alone. Maybe, maybe not.

65 year old man crowd surfing. Amazing.

And right the straight the fuck into Out in the Streets!

When he’s out in the street, he talks the way he wants to talk. Good policy.

You can look but you better not touch. Love the Sopranos guy.

Little girl, he wants to marry you. He doesn’t want to be your friend.

 We went down to the river.

Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true, or is it something worse?

Point blank. Tomorrows fall in numbers, one by one. You wake up and you’re dying, and you don’t even know what from.

Got mellow and emotional there for awhile with The River and Point Blank. Picking up the pace with Cadillac Ranch.  Need a beer, but Fade Away coming up.

He’s a rocker. No denying that.

Fade Away now. Ugh.

He doesn’t want to fade away. Tell him, what can he do, what can he say?  Because he doesn’t want to fade away.

Blonde next to me telling me about how the young girls behind us are talking and it annoys her. Pretty much the definition of irony.

PRO TIP:  When Stolen Car starts, that is the time to go drain one and get a couple brews. You’re welcome.

Missed part of the Price You Pay, but that was the price I paid.

Wish God would send me word, send me something I’m afraid to lose.

He would drive all night again just to buy her some shoes?  Damn.

Bought Trish some shoes once.

 She really liked those shoes. Expensive, but that is the price you pay.

The River songs over now, and Bruce starts with my all time favorite, No surrender!

“We made a promise we swore we would always remember. No retreat, baby, no surrender.”  Jesus, this was the anthem back in the day.

But now we sleep, beneath, peaceful skies,  with a wide open country in our heads, with these romantic dreams in our head. War outside still going on, but it’s not ours anymore to win.

So he is just rocked Patti Smyth (smith???) for 10 minutes, because the night. Very cool, rocked.

She’s the One?  Really?

The Rising. Never a fan. Had to ask the tall kid next to me what song that was.

Then Thunder Road. Epic. Per usual.

Born in the US of A!

It’s a death trap, a suicide rap!  I wanna know if love if love is wild, I wanna know if love is real.

The highway really is jammed with heroes on a last chance power drive!!!

And now we are dancing in the dark!  You can’t start a fire without a spark!!

5 sisters 1 boss. Had to be there!

Rosalita, jump  little higher. Senorita come sit by my fire!!

Bruce wants us to SHOUT!  And the guy in front of me almost took a header attempting to comply!

Thought it was over!!  Crazy fun with the lights up.

But then we get Bobby Jean as a bonus!  Dumb song. Never liked it that much.

And that is that. Need to find my way home. Funny thing was the blonde left without saying goodbye. Musta logged on and read the blog. Oh well. Gotta be honest when blogging you guys.

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