Blonde Tracks – Fergalicious by Fergie

Welcome back to the internationally acclaimed Monkey With a Gun daily feature called Blonde Tracks, and by daily feature I mean the days I post something.  The Blonde Tracks help us get through the worst time of the year after the Super Bowl and before Pi Day, which is 3-14 if you are a mathematical idiot.  You could deny me access to a bathroom until I named a worse time of year and I would end up in a situation not unlike Fergie in this picture:

Fergie pee pants

But here’s the thing.  Fergie is so damned hot and blonde–Fergalicious, if you will–that the pee pants picture doesn’t detract from her blonde beauty in the slightest.  So hot, Fergie.  Just ridiculous.  You can make some mistakes when you look this:


I had trouble picking the best video because she is just smoking in every single one.  And not shaped like a Barbie doll either, which makes her even more appealing.  Like she says, she’s up in the gym working on her fitness, and even has a witness.  So good for her.  And all that talk about her being promiscuous, if you are suspicious, is just fictitious.  We need more nice girls like that.

Fergie turns 41 this year.  Wheelhouse!

More Fergie, because I can’t get enough.

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