Viral Alert – #bushdid911

Bush 911

The “Bush Did 9/11” thing probably peaked last year, but it is still hot on the streets with the young kids.  Kids try to drop this line on unsuspecting adults, kind as of an inside joke for their generation.  We can’t stand for that.  Gotta stay woke, you guys.     

So here’s how this works.  Kids will throw this line in when you least expect it, maybe kind of subliminally in a conversation, or maybe a hashtag “#bushdid911” at the end of a tweet.  Or maybe they just outright declare that Bush was responsible for 9-11, maybe to make you think they are some kind of conspiracy nut, or to get you to argue with them about it, or to embrace and propagate the idea that their generation is absolutely clueless on recent world events.  Not really clear on the end game here, actually, but it is definitely a thing.

Here is the most classic application in a vine that went viral last year.  Absolutely shocks the teacher, who is just dumbfounded by the question, and unable to respond.  Hilarious.  Don’t let this happen to you.

If you argue with them, and say, no, you idiot, Al Queda did 9-11, they will respond “Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.”  Ok, well, that is an entirely different issue (it can!), but it has nothing to do with whether Bush did 9-11.  Don’t go down that rabbit hole with them either.

Finally, you have to be aware of this video of President Bush.  Maybe Bush did do 9/11 after all.

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