WWMD Special Edition – Phillies v. Cubs, Friday May 27

Captain fight

We have a side bet going in WWMD for the Friday afternoon game against the Phillies. WWMD will be played with the usual suspects, but Slim, the Captain and now possibly Satan are coming to town for the game.  In addition to playing WWMD for real stakes, we will also be playing the Four Corners game, which isn’t really a game, it just means we will be hitting all the bars at the corners around Wrigley, per usual.  Should be interesting.

When these three miscreants came to town last fall the Friendly Confines weren’t so friendly, and the Captain almost got in a fight.  I don’t even remember why, but I think it had something to do with who was the better golfer, or something.  Who really knows how these things get started.  

And then Satan got cited for open container in front of the Cubby Bear, which was probably the least of his offenses, if we are being honest with one another.  Although clearly guilty, I nonetheless mounted a legal defense for Satan, which unfortunately began with “The real shame tonight isn’t his open container, but the number of black kids who will be shot while you are writing that ticket.”  That didn’t go over well, and the discussion then devolved into an argument with the cop over who had been shot at more times, me or him.  I won that argument, at least, because 5 is greater than 4, and lying about how many times you have been shot at is NOT a crime.

Anyway, Slim, the Captain and I (and Satan if he can “move some things around”) will be playing WWMD for tickets and beer.  If any of the four of us correctly predict the exact lineup, the winner gets his ticket and all his beer paid for by the other guys.  Game on!

The rules are here.  Learn them, know them, live them.  

Try not to suck, get in a fight or get arrested.

6 thoughts on “WWMD Special Edition – Phillies v. Cubs, Friday May 27

  1. Should be a good game as long as Pipes doesn’t bleed out. Who has to go to the ER from a tomato slicing injury? How was your Obamacare experience Pipes? Maybe karma from the Mariano glasses? Any way, here is the winner.

    Flowers CF
    J Hey RF
    Anita 3B
    Pizza 1B
    Zorba 2B
    Solar LF
    Reuschel SS
    Roscoe P. Coletrain C
    Moe P


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