Fergie is Back and She Brought Her Hot Mom Friends


Although the String may be real time, the Monkey with a Gun blog certainly is not.  Time to catch up on some things we missed while Donald Trump was destroying America.  Glad to have Seadick back in the game, and looking forward to some quality drunken content from Irish Jesus.

As the resident expert on age appropriate smokes, it is my responsibility to drop this masterpiece in everyone’s eyeball.  If you turn the volume all the way down, this is just a great video.  Fergie and her hot mom friends basically just dance around and pour milk on themselves and tease the milkman with their Fergaliciousness.  Genius!

Fergie, age 41, turns in a great performance, per usual.


Also in the over 40 wheelhouse is Amber Valetta, who Wikipedia tells me is 42, a model (duh) and the star of the blockbuster megahits What Lies Beneath, Gamer and Dead Silence, among others.  


You’re welcome.

7 thoughts on “Fergie is Back and She Brought Her Hot Mom Friends

  1. So let me understand ….Since she is hot ,beautiful , vivacious Fergie, then it is ok to take care of oneself as obviously she does , to have an actual waist ( not FAT rolls ,and a protruding belly from over indulgence and a sedate lifestyle as so many
    have in this land”O Plenty,…especially those under 30.

    It is acceptable to look hot and trot around in fun costumes ,short shorts,and sexy high heels …
    But if you take the Fergie out of the equation ..and inserted just a regular mom,
    suddenly this mom who loved all the exact same things would be deemed a
    “Stripper” , “”Gold digger” and


  2. Wow Anonymous! Whoever said that it was NOT acceptable for a regular mom to look hot and trot around in fun costumes, short shorts and sexy high heels?!?!? Those are all things we support at the monkey with a gun blog. A hot mom who does that is not a stripper, a gold digger nor crazy. Well, maybe a little crazy, but in a crazy hot way.


    • Your supportive words are appreciated,
      However… in real this is not how it works …..

      just clad in innocent jeans & a t shirt…..and peppermint lip gloss (maybe that was the give away ..wink wink)
      omitting the sexy high heels , juicy short shorts, marvelous G- string body suits ,and luscious milk baths …
      and once an ensemble that was actually worn to
      yes ..CHURCH.
      Apparently it is… obscene…scandalous ..( who knew!)
      to dare have an hourglass figure
      even if it is hidden beneath such humble,modest attire as jeans and a t shirt .
      Yes Dear Sandman … it is fact :a girl who did not even sport an iota of what luscious ,juicy Fergie did was actually deemed a “Stripper” and..”gold digger”
      by the petulant,insecure “young adults ” amongst you ,here.
      It is a blessing in which i am most grateful for and merely confirmed what i already knew.


  3. Maybe someone can explain to me why mongo65 is worried about where the commas go when we are talking about obscene and scandolous figures hidden beneath humble ,modest attire juicy short shorts ,and marvelous G-string body suits. I’ll wait.


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