Time to Focus

Well the weather is getting cold and you know what that means — no more golf season.  We may have a few more weeks of potential play, but my own personal cut off is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  That means we are in the shoulder season between golf and skiing.  I’m happy to report that La Nina has brought enough snow to the west to allow some ski resorts to open mid-November, but realistically I don’t see myself hitting the slopes until January (unless of course if we set up a “Guys Only” trip for Tahoe in December again).  So what’s a degen to do?  Drink obviously, but as you can tell by this post and Pipes’ missives below, it’s time to get back in blogging game.  Buckle up Monkey fans, a lot of crazy shit has happened since we were last blogging regularly, was there an election recently?  We also have a new provider of content as we are proud to add Irish Jesus to the site.  He only blogs when he’s not sober, so you can expect commentary from him all the time.

As IJ likes to say, Let’s Go!

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