Kool is a Bad Influence

So there I am, minding my own business, when my phone chirps.  Thinking that its probably one of the thousands of daily texts from the String, I don’t immediately pay any attention to it, but when I do, I see that it is a problem.  It’s not a text from the String, its a side-text from Kool and that can only mean trouble.  Not bad trouble obviously, but the good trouble that Kool is notorious for.  More specifically, the kind of trouble that’s gonna cause me to stop paying attention to work, family or anything other than your typical Kool trouble for awhile — gambling.  Kool’s first text is this:


He follows that up with:  “Could be interesting,” which is obvious code for “you’re loser if you don’t bet on all 13 of the college basketball games that are being played tomorrow.”

You see where this is going right.  Here are the picks:


Bama -1 — LOSE

Hawaii -6 — LOSE

Sparty +7.5 — LOSE (x2 as Kool was chasin and decided to double the bet)

BYU -4 — WIN

Winthrop PK — WIN

Oregon -1 — LOSE


Zags -10 — WIN

Duke -2.5 — LOSE

Pacific +2 — WIN

Stephen F. Austin -18 — LOSE

Hartford  PK — WIN

Giddy Up

Final Tally — SeaDick 8 wins, Kool 4, Giddy up indeed.

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