No One’s Got It Worse Than Huma Abedin

So this video dropped today and Jesus H. Christ is this brutal.  Anthony Weiner, of course, is the disgraced sexting former congressman from New York and husband of Huma Abedin, the top adviser and right hand woman for Hillary Clinton.  Apparently Weiner had a reality TV crew with him filming when his latest dick pics, to a 15 year old nonetheless, went on the news, because of course he did.  So here he is with wife Huma as they both find out in real time, and he explains that he will just “try to sell this as something people already know.”  Huma is not pleased.

But here’s my question.  Did anyone have it worse this election than Huma Abedin?  Ok sure, some kids are worried their parents are about to be rounded up and deported, the gay community doesn’t know what Pence has in store for them, transgender kids won’t be able to go the bathroom and the rest of us will likely die in a nuclear holocaust.  But other than that, who has it worse than Huma?

Huma was all set up to be chief of staff to the most powerful woman in the world.  When Weiner’s latest dick pic scandal broke, she soldiered on, confident that she and Hillary were on their way to the White House, and she could leave Weiner in the dust.  And then the week before the election, while investigating Weiner, FBI director Comey announced that he just might have some more emails to look through on Weiner’s laptop, even though he had no idea if there was anything there related to Hillary or national security.  Regardless, he told everyone and Trump and the Republicans went nuts.  Hillary claims this turned the election around, and maybe it did, because in the last week before voting everyone was talking about Hillary’s emails again rather than Trump’s lies, bankruptcies, tax returns and pussy grabbing.  But hey, email!!!

If true, Huma is sort of to blame for Hillary losing, at least for being married to Weiner and him being a fucking creeper and using email.  Seriously, did the election hurt any one individual more than Huma Abedin?  It certainly wasn’t Hillary.  She can go on to make $200,000 speeches, cure AIDS and delete all the emails she wants.  Huma is the one I feel for, but that’s just me.

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