Viral Alert – Crazy Racist Trump Bitch Caught on Video being a Crazy Racist Trump Bitch

Gotta file my report on the latest viral sensation breaking the Internets, namely, this crazy racist Trump bitch who went bat shit crazy at a craft store in Lincoln Park over the Thanksgiving weekend.  But wait, how would I know that she is a Trump voter???  Well, maybe because she claims she was “discriminated against” because she is a Trump voter, and yells at everyone in the store about how she is a Trump voter, all because she was asked to “buy a bag,” a new liberal thing in Chicago.  I don’t want to look too hard into the mind of a Trump voter for fear of falling into the abyss, but apparently that equates to discrimination in the warped minds that now run the country.

And how would I know that she is racist?  Well, maybe because she calls the African American store clerks “animals.”   Or maybe because she claims to have been “discriminated against by two black women,” and then questions how “a white woman, standing there with your baby, could think that is ok.”  She then proceeds to tell the woman that her husband is cheating on her and her toddler is stealing.  And not because she is a racist, but simply because she is a fucking bitch.    

The Internets quickly found this woman’s name (Jennifer Boyle), her social media accounts and her employer.  She is pretty much ruined, and may want to break that lease in Lakeview and start looking for employment in Fort Wayne or Tuscaloosa.  Although the Trumpsters may have the Electoral College and NASCAR, we have the popular vote and the Internets.

The Internets also quickly found this video from earlier this year, showing the lunatic going off in a coffee shop:


So apparently Jennifer Boyle has always been a loud mouth bitch with no social awareness.  But now, with Trump elected, she can be a loud mouth RACIST bitch with no social awareness.  That’s the new world we live in folks, where the downtrodden white folks shopping for necessities at a craft store are the victims.  What a world.  

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