3X Drunk

Unfortunately I must report that I am getting lit for the third time today. Nothing to be proud of, I know, but worth reporting on a blog such as this one.  Three times in one day!!  Kinda concerning. 

First time. I met the crew for lunch at Banderas. Then we proceeded to Boss Bar for another 5 or 6. Angry and I had a heart to heart about life’s problems.  I would certainly take his over mine, if we are being honest with one another. Then I got a got a call and had to go handle a certain situation.

Handled that. Second time I stop in, by my lonesome, at Shaws Crab House and have some oysters, and pound a few while I’m at it. Again, nothing to be proud of. After the second round round of sustenance, I get a cab home.

Woke up from a much needed nap at about 7:30 pm. Holy Shit, Christmas is in two days, and I got daughters who need gifts. FUCK. I rush right back into the battle, and get a few more gifts, and by that I mean gift cards. Stores closed now, but the bars aren’t, so goddamn right you know my destination.

Third time I’m at the bar getting lit once again, and my daughter joins me to go to the next showing of a movie, which, as I have previously reported, serves that delicious elixir known as beer. And since she is my daughter, I can tell her to shut up for a minute while I blast a fire blog.

In all seriousness, I’m only blogging this to prove a point. Blogging ain’t easy. You have to be dedicated, if you want to be a premiere blogger. Mongo showed up today with a blog, and good on him. But I like to be the premiere blogger here at Monkey With a Gun, and you gotta be at the top. So here I am. At the top. Until the next blog. Which is what blogging is all about, I think.

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