I Know Who I’m Voting for Governor of Arizona and It Is Mr. Noah Dyer


So how about this fucking guy!  Mr. Noah Dyer is running for governor of Arizona.  And Mr. Noah Dyer will not let any scandal or controversy get in his way!  In fact, future Governor Noah has an entire page of his website devoted to his “Scandal and Controversy.”  Gotta respect that.  Actually, if I have ever respected anything more than that I can’t think of it.  Just getting right out in front of the “enemy of the people” fake news media who would try to bring him down for basically living life, banging married chicks and making sex videos that are already out there on the internets anyway.


No, nothing will stop Governor Noah from ascending to the top spot in the AZ.  Not the ridiculous casual group sex he has.  Not the intimate texts and dick pics that that will surely turn up.  Not his unapologetic sexual choices, nor his atheism, which is pretty much the same thing.  Not the fact that he only sees his kids 30% of the time.  By the way, sign me up for that deal (Kidding…sort of).  Not his personal finances, or homelessness, when he lived on couches and in offices, but was not “technically” homeless, but “with whom he sympathizes.”  I love this guy for his honesty and forthrightedness, and he has my vote for guvna’ of Arizona.

No seriously, I respect this guy.  I don’t even know if he is a Democrat or Republican.  I would bet whatever I owe SeaDick at the moment on the former, but you never know.

Actually, if there is one positive in our current national nightmare, it would be that the election of your president with his sordid life choices has opened the door for any manner of deviant miscreant to aspire to political office.  And you know what, that is probably a good thing, I guess.

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