The Crocodile Show Went About as Well as Could be Expected

Need a quick blogging slump buster to get back in the game, and, SPOILER ALERT, a video of an idiot getting his face ripped off by a prehistoric animal is as good any, I guess. 

If you study religion biology, and I have, crocodiles were intelligently designed evolved to have very sharp teeth, vice-like jaws and powerful neck muscles, which enables them to grip their pray tightly in said vice-like jaws, and then rip the prey to shreds by shaking their head back and forth.  Human persons, on the other hand, were evolved to have big brains and opposable thumbs, which enables us to build tools, heavy machinery and nuclear weapons.  

Over the eons, the latter has certainly proven to be more favorable than the former, which is why we live in nice cities, and they still live in the swamp.  Having said that, when a human person sticks his big brain inside the vice-like jaws of a crocodile, all bets are off.  It would be like if the crocodiles challenged us to a nuclear war.  That would not go well for them.  Each species should stick with what they know, and play to their strengths, if you ask me.

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