Blonde Tracks – Eminem Mix with Skylar Grey

So here’s another Blonde Track to help us get through the worst time the year, that time after the Super Bowl until the Wednesday before March Madness starts when I head for Vegas.  Nothing at all to do during this time of the year, and if you do find something to do like go to the Purdue-Michigan State game tomorrow, you have to cancel because the National Weather Service has declared all travel “difficult to impossible.”  FML.  

With nothing better to do, let’s relive Eminem’s performance on SNL from last November.  I declared it at the time, and stand by my declaration, this was one of the best musical performances on SNL, ever.  Eminem, making a comeback, singing his new song Walk on Water about making a comeback, which ends with the “Bitch, I wrote Stan!”  And then he sings Stan!  Mind blown.  And after that, Love the Way You Lie.  Wow! 

For my money, those are Eminem’s three best songs, and we got them all.  The reason they are his best, in each case, is the mixed in female vocal.  In the originals, for Stan, it was Dido, with Thank You.  On Love the Way You Lie it was Rhihanna.  For Walk on Water, Beyonce.  All incredible female vocals, mixed in with Eminem’s ridiculous rhymes. 

So that was good, but that isn’t even the best part.  This is Blonde Tracks, and I’m not talking about Eminem.  The female vocal on each song was sung by an absolute goddess.  Skylar Grey.  What a smoke, and what a voice.  She absolutely killed it.  “I am only human just like you, making my mistakes, oh if you only knew.”  Amazing.

And then it turns out that Love the Way You Lie is actually Skylar Grey’s song, like Thank You was Dido’s song.  I’m saving that one for a future Blonde Tracks.  Stay tuned.


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