“This One’s For Mom” was Best Super Bowl L Commercial and It Wasn’t Close

I don’t watch the commercials during the Super Bowl.  I know it’s a thing, but that is the time to load up the plate, go get another beer or project some combination of unfortunate events that would lead to you winning the squares at the end of the half.  I catch up on the commercials on the internets on Monday when I’m not going to be that productive anyway.

So I missed this one during the game, and that is probably a good thing.  I don’t know what it has to do with Campbell’s soup, but Budweiser’s lost puppy didn’t have much to do with beer either, I guess.  And it sure beats the hell out of minute long constipation ads, Super Bowl Babies, abortions by Dorito and whatever that Baby Monkey Puppy thing was.

This one has it all.  I’m a sucker for the “life goes by in a flash” concept to start with.  Then you throw in this kid who probably doesn’t have much except football, who has his ups and downs, and ends up playing for the Packers.  All in 45 seconds.  

Through it all, there is his mom, cheering him on.  Yep, this one’s for mom.  Now where is my crying towel.  


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