Blonde Tracks – Like a Prayer by Madonna

Welcome back to the world famous daily blog we call Blonde Tracks, which used to be called Lost Tracks, but now is called Blonde Tracks.  These Blonde Tracks help us to get through what everyone recognizes is the absolute worst time of the year–that time of the year after the Super Bowl and before March Madness starts when there is no excuse whatsoever to drink, but you drink anyway, so you look like a damn alcoholic.  You could withhold the Bud Light and only allow me to drink warm cucumber beer until I named a worse time of year, and although I would certainly cite the Reinheitsgebot in protest, I’d be drinking cucumber beer, I guess.

Madonna makes the list of hot musical blondes, no question.  Like a Prayer is clearly her greatest song, but that isn’t saying much because her second greatest song is none of them because all the rest suck.  But Like a Prayer is a great song, and like Joan Osborne’s tune One of Us, also a famous religious song that they probably sing in church every Sunday, although I wouldn’t know, if we are being honest with one another.  

So I got a hot blonde with her greatest song, and then I found her greatest performance of that song at halftime of Super Bowl XLVI.  I couldn’t use the actual 1989 music video of Like a Prayer because Madonna was a brunette back then, proving once again my theory that women get hotter and blonder as they get older.  

This performance is from halftime at Super Bowl XLVI, the 2012 game in Indianapolis when Eli and the Giants came to Peyton’s house and kicked the shit out of Brady and the Patriots.  Well, they didn’t exactly kick the shit out of them, but it was an awesome game with a crazy ending where the Patriots let the Giants score a touchdown, and Ahmad Bradshaw tried to stop from scoring the final touchdown but then sort of fell into the end zone.  But the Giants won anyway, stopping the Patriots from winning the Super Bowl for the second time in four years.  But I digress, back to the halftime show.

I watched the halftime show that year for one reason and one reason only, to hear Like a Prayer.  Honestly thought I was going to be disappointed, because that was sort of how things were going during that time.  But then after a bunch of crappy pop tunes and a funny looking afro dude in a dress bouncing around a rope, Madonna finished up with Like a Prayer.  And not like a little snippet either, but the full tune, with a cast of thousands swaying in the background, and Cee Lo Green screaming along.  Awesome.  “Life is a mystery, and everyone must stand alone.”  Indeed.

If my math is correct, and it always is, Madonna was 53 in February 2012.  She needed some assists with her cartwheels, but looking better than ever.  Just like a prayer, she will take you there.    

Here’s the funny looking afro dude bouncing on the rope:


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