Supertramp Knew About 9-11 in 1979 and Didn’t Do a Goddamn Thing About It Except Leave a Clue on the Breakfast In America Album Cover

Album cover

DO YOU SEE IT???  Right there in front of our eyes on Supertramp’s “Breakfast In America” album, and has been for most of our lives!  While we were Taking the Long Way Home again, and singing along to the Logical Song and Goodbye Stranger, Supertramp knew of the 9-11 attacks 22 years in advance!!

Don’t see it??  Of course you don’t, because you have to look at it in a mirror, like all the great hidden visual clues.  So let’s just mirror image the album cover:

Album cover mirror

There, see it now?  Upper right corner, on top of the WTC.  OK, let’s zoom in . . . 

9-11 Zoom

Mind blown.  I have eyes, and that “9-11” right there on top of the World Trade Center could not be more clear.  I don’t need anything else to prove the conspiracy to me, like the glass of orange juice that just might be an exploding fireball, or that “Breakfast in America” meant that the attacks would come in the morning, or even that “Supertramp” really means “Great Whore,” which, if you have read the Bible, and I haven’t, apparently means the Whore of Babylon, or something.  You don’t have to head all the way down the rabbit hole sometimes, you guys.

Now, I don’t know whether Supertramp helped plan 9-11, or just knew about it in advance and didn’t say anything.  Maybe they discovered a secret plot in 1979 by the Fathers of Al Qaeda, or whatever the terrorists called themselves back then, and then the Fathers threatened to ruin Supertramp if they told anyone.  So Supertramp secretly hid a clue on the album cover about the attack, which wouldn’t happen for another 22 years, and then the clue wouldn’t be discovered for another 14 years after that.  The questions run too deep for such a simple man.

The Republicans should definitely launch a congressional investigation into this, and subpoena Supertramp’s emails from 1979, including any kept on a home computer.   


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