MFMU — Brains Beats Morans Every Time


In hindsight I guess I should have seen it coming.  The hints where there.  A 12 always beats a 5.  The game was in Providence, RI.  The favorite was in the Big 12, which Kool says is weak other than Kansas.  The underdog is playing with a chip on its shoulder because it’s captain was expelled following a controversial sexual assault allegation ( and the average IQ of the two teams probably has a 30 point differential.  Now sometimes brawn beats brains, but when one of the brawns decides it’s a good idea to try to go behind the back in the middle of traffic in the lane with 3 seconds to go and down by 2 . . . well, you know what happened.

I do have to say that I may be wrong about that IQ disparity as far as Taurean Prince goes as he gave one of the best press conference answers in recent memory when asked how Yale out rebounded Baylor:

While it was bad enough that I had Baylor in the head to head challenge with Kool, but as you are undoubtedly aware, we had Baylor in the Calcutta as well.  By the way, by “we” I mean Bud Fox and Friends.

Here’s hoping that we have a better end than Bud.

As to where things stand in the Calcutta, while it wasn’t a total disaster, we did need Baylor to win two games to get our money back so we have that hole to dig out of.  Texas Tech, Colorado and Arizona also managed to screw us by folding like cheap suits, so we have some work to do.  Providence pulled one out at the end and Iowa State and Kentucky held to form.  We need all of them to go pretty deep though, so we have work to do.  Purdue did manage to screw the pooch against UALR in another 5/12 match-up and the team that bought Purdue paid nearly twice what we did for Baylor, so schadenfreude lives and breathes in a Calcutta too.

With respect to the head to head against Kool, he is cackling in his lair again.  Here are the results:

Kool’s Picks:

  1. Kansas -26 x 2 PUSH
  2. UConn -3.5 WIN
  3. Florida Gulf Coast +22 LOSE
  4. Providence -2 LOSE
  5. Butler -4 WIN
  6. Purdue -9 LOSE (Pipes, WTF is up with your Boilermakers?)
  7. Iona +7.5 LOSE
  8. Seton Hall +1 x 2 LOSE

So he was 2-6-2 with his picks.   I know what you are thinking.  “But SeaDick if he was 2-6-2, how can he be cackling in his lair?”  Hold on to your britches bitches as here are the results of my picks:

  1. Arizona -1.5 x 2 LOSE
  2. Miami -14 LOSE
  3. Baylor -5.5 LOSE
  4. Duke -10.5 LOSE
  5. Chattanooga +12 x 2 LOSE
  6. Kentucky -14 WIN
  7. Hampton +24 LOSE
  8. Fresno St +8.5 LOSE

So I was 1-9.  In other words, Kool sucked at his picks, but I sucked worse.  Cue Probe.  When we add in the First Four results the overall standings are 13-9-2 in Kool’s favor.  He’s cackling alright.

But so-fooking-what.  There are a lot of games to be played and I will lure the Kool beast out of it’s lair and slay it!

Here are the picks for today:



K MD -9.5
CD Hawaii +5
CD Temple +7
CD Villanova -17.5
K Oregon -23 x 2
CD Cincy -2.5
K Texas -4.5
K Texas A&M -13
CD Ore St +4
CD Oklahoma -14.5 x2
CD ND -3 x 2
K WVU -7
K Wisky -1.5 x 2
K Xavier -13
K Dayton -1
CD Sparty -18

Good luck and may your brackets hold to form like IJ at any bar in the world — “Bud Heavy Please.”

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