MFMU — Who Didn’t Have Faith in Michigan?

imageThat would be me I guess.  SeaDick is on the right side of the ledga boys and girls with an impressive sweep of both games last night to even the standings at 2-2.  Well, maybe more lucky than good, but just like my golf game, I’ll take it.  Now that the real  tourney has started, not the “First Four” (More like the “No One is Watching These Games Four.”  It took me like 10 minutes to even find the right channel.  TruTv?  WTF?) we can get down to the real wagering.  Kool and I spent a good 30 minutes last night picking today’s games and I think I am going to absolutely own his ass today.  Not literally of course, but you knew what I meant.  Like Mongo says, “I know that you know that I know that you know that I know.”  Cawk.  Anyway, here’s today’s picks:

Kool has the following:

  1. Kansas -26 x 2 (We agreed that we could each pick two games per day that we could double the bet amount on.)
  2. UConn -3.5
  3. Florida Gulf Coast +22
  4. Providence -2
  5. Butler -4
  6. Purdue -9
  7. Iona +7.5
  8. Seton Hall +1 x 2

SeaDick has:

  1. Arizona -1.5 x 2
  2. Miami -14
  3. Baylor -5.5
  4. Duke -10.5 (I got stuffed with this pick as it was the last one of the day, but I ain’t no Probie and am willing to support the Dukies under the right circumstances.)
  5. Chattanooga +12 x 2
  6. Kentucky -14
  7. Hampton +24
  8. Fresno St +8.5

Like I said, I expect to get off to a commanding lead today and never look back.

In related News, ($) and I had our Calcutta auction last night (we team up with two other non-String, yet true degen friends) and I am pretty happy with our picks.  We opted for quantity of picks with value rather than load up on any of the favorites as there is a lot of parity out there.  Here’s who we ended up with:

  1. Texas Tech
  2. Colorado
  3. Kentucky
  4. Iowa
  5. Providence
  6. Arizona
  7. Iowa State
  8. Baylor
  9. Wisconsin
  10. The East Bracket Field (seeds 13-16)

With the exception of Kentucky, if any of those teams win two games we will get our investment back and into the black.


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