Wiffle Ball is Fun, But GMAFB

Ran across this on the Internets today and got so pissed off I couldn’t see straight.  Can a professional baseball player hit one of the “best” wiffle ball pitchers?  Really?  Give me a fucking break.  This is so fucking stupid, I don’t even know where to begin.

This video is what’s wrong with America.  Reality television, pure and simple.  Spoiler alert, but Loney starts jacking wiffle ball pitches by the end of the video.  He took a couple pitches to adjust to the fact that a wiffle ball is made of plastic with holes in it and can break like 4 ft, but then when he does, the ball is outta here.  The video is all editing, graphics and voice overs to create some drama that suggests a major league baseball player can’t hit a stupid wiffle ball.  I’ve never heard of Loney, but I’m sure any major leaguer can adjust to hit some kid who throws a plastic ball around on the weekend.

And then the ridiculous “science” that gave them the excuse for this stupidity.  Yes, a ball thrown 75 mph from 42 feet takes roughly the same amount of time to get to the plate as a ball thrown 100 mph from 60 feet.  Totally irrelevant to a person’s ability to hit a ball moving at 75 mph vs. 100 mph.  I don’t care if you have more time to get ready, a normal human being can’t even see a ball moving at 100 mph, let alone have the bat speed to hit it.  And they say in the video “up to 75 mph,” and by that they mean probably 50 mph.  No one is throwing a piece of plastic with holes in it 75 mph.  No one.  That’s just ridiculous.  Yes, it breaks and jukes and curves in the air, but a little hollow ball is not being thrown 75 mph.  That’s just common sense, and physics.

This is how Republicans get elected.  Just invent a controversy out of nothing, even if it is ridiculous from a scientific and factual standpoint (voter fraud, Planned Parenthood selling “baby parts,” LGBTQ invading bathrooms, aborting babies by gender, etc.).  Create some drama to get everyone’s attention, and invent some science to support the position.  The reality TV crowd will eat it up, and the next thing you know Donald Trump is president.  Congratulations.


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