3 thoughts on “WWMD – Cubs v. Giants, Sat May 21

  1. Complicates things without Heyward. Now who bat’s second? La Stella or Zobrist? And who goes to right? When Hayward was out against the Nationals La Stella played 2d and Zobrist went to right. Probably what Seadick is thinking. But I’m thinking right field in San Fran is YUGE, right? So I’m thinking Joe wants speed in RF. Is that Soler? Who knows. Today should be worth double, or something.

    And who the hell is Moe? Oh, I get it. As in Moe-Lester. Great. Now I gotta come up with something clever.

    Flours CF
    Zebra 2B
    Bryant LF
    Rizza 1B
    Baez 3B
    Soler RF
    Rustle SS
    Ross C
    Jester P (best I could do)


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