Viral Alert – Chewbacca Lady

This might be the dumbest thing to ever set the Internet on fire.  Yes, even dumber than Dat Boi.*  Well, whatever, I took an oath to let you guys know when something was going viral, and this video is definitely going viral.  What a world.

Basically this woman buys a Chewbacca mask at Kohl’s, opens it in the car, declares her joy over the new purchase, goes batshit crazy laughing her ass off making Chewbacca noises and shares the video on the Facebook.  The video gets shared, and shared some more.  The next you know Chewbacca Lady is internet famous, Kohl’s is sending her free shit and she is going on all the TV shows.  That’s how the world works these days.

Actually, she is pretty funny, and looks like a genuinely happy person.  If you don’t laugh a little when you watch the video then you probably have no soul.  

*oh shit waddup

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