WWMD – Cubs v. Cardinals, Mon. May 23

Maddon Yelling

Joe definitely mixed things up yesterday with Rizzo batting second and Ceasar in the lineup.  What will he do today with the Cubs traveling to St. Louis and Lackey on the mound.  Well, he better do something because the Cubs have lost two in a row.

Is that the first time the Cubs have lost two in a row this season, other than that double header against San Diego?  How would you even find something like that out?

I missed the game last night because I was watching Game of Thrones and then forgot about the game in all the excitement, but apparently there was some drama in the 8th with Baez getting called out for running out of the baseline, or something.  I don’t know what happened, but sounds like some bullshit.  Might report back on that.

Anyway, everyone lost yesterday, per usual.  I would like to point out that my picks yesterday were so damned good that ijt3 copied them exactly.  That’s how good my picks were, and how likely that I had forecast the correct order and position.  Lost anyway.

You know what to do.  Rules here.

2 thoughts on “WWMD – Cubs v. Cardinals, Mon. May 23

  1. The call on Baez was complete horseshit and in a 1 run game, getting the leadoff guy on base is yuge. The Cubs have lost two games in a row three times this year to the Padres, Pirates and the Giants. Can track all that stuff here: http://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/CHC/2016-schedule-scores.shtml

    Joe is doing some Jedi mind trick shit with the line up these days. I doubt anyone will win this thing ever again. Well, other than me of course, as I have won it twice already. Might as well win it again today. Here you go.

    Flowers CF
    Pizza 1B
    Anita LF
    Zorba 2B
    Solar RF
    Reuschel SS
    Joan 3B
    Miggy C
    Hammer P


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