Fake News Is Nothing New


They are out here saying that the Russians and so-called “fake news” decided the election in favor of a thrice married racist and misogynist reality TV star being sued for fraud over a kindly grandmother guilty of faithfully serving this country for the last 30 years.  Well, I may or may not cover the Russian angle at some point, but the fake news is a real thing you guys, and most certainly decided the election.  As the premier blogger here, I must point out that this is nothing new.  You people have been doing this shit at least since President Obama was elected.

They ran a story back in 2008 when President Obama was first elected that was headlined “Black Guy Asks Nation for Change.”  Yes, Obama ran on a campaign of “Hope and Change,” but they spread the lie that our president was merely looking for “change,” leaving out the “hope” part.  So all the idiots in Grand Rapids, Kenosha and Cedar Rapids, hearing what they wanted to hear, believed that our president was on the street begging for change, which fit their preconceived and racist beliefs about African Americans.  Next thing you know Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa go for Trump, and he is the next president.   Makes me sick to my stomach.  The president makes like $400,000 a year, and wouldn’t need to beg for change on the street, unless he had a drug problem or something, which I think was what they were suggesting because all black persons have a drug problem.  Your words, not mine.

Well, congratulations, idiots.  Hope you get laid off, and I mean that.

h/t Hannah

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