Bob Dylan Snubbed the Nobel Prize but Showed Up for USA for Africa

If you followed the news this year, and I did, probably the biggest story of the year was Bob Dylan snubbing his Nobel Prize.  The Nobel Prize, apparently, is not just for bringing peace to the world, like President Obama did when he got elected and never did anything, and still got the award.  But the Nobel Prize is for other things too, like Literature, Chemistry and other stuff you can google for yourself because that’s all I know.  Anyway, the Swedes granted Bob Dylan the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature for his song lyrics from a hundred years ago.  When the awards were announced, Dylan did not respond, or even acknowledge it, and just gave the Nobel people a giant double freedom rocket and GFY.  Just completely AWOL for the award, like Prince for USA for Africa.  But Dylan showed up for “USA FOR AFRICA” back in the 80’s because he is a GODDAMN PATRIOT.

And that’s my HOT TAKE on this issue.  Although Dylan couldn’t be bothered with a NOBEL PRIZE, he still showed up for USA for Africa, the sappiest piece of crap in American musical history.  And you know why?  Because, unlike that fucker Prince (too soon?), Dylan is a goddamn patriot!  He did “USA for Africa” for AMERICA, and not for Africa, as the name would imply.  Even though it was below Dylan’s dignity as a future Nobel award winning litiaturist, or whatever, Dylan showed up and belted out a few notes for the good of this great country.  

I mention this not to continue throwing dirt on the grave of Prince, nor to pimp one of my premiere blogs of the year covering the greatest war of the 80’s (Prince was AWOL from USA for Africa).  I mention that only to say that Dylan is a goddamn patriot, but yea, also to pimp one of my premier blogs of the year (Prince was AWOL from USA for Africa).  

Probably should do a list of my Top 10 Blogs of 2016, IN ORDER of course.  WE ARE THE WORLD, WE ARE THE CHILDREN.


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