“We Are The World” – a Definitive History

In one of the premiere blogs of 2016, on this site or any other, I extensively documented how Prince was AWOL from USA for Africa.  Then yesterday, I keenly noted how Bob Dylan Snubbed the Nobel Prize but Showed Up for USA for Africa.  Well, the history of We Are The World would not be complete without covering the 2010 remake to raise awareness of the disaster in Haiti, and then SNL’s We are the World 3, to raise awareness of the disaster that was We Are The World 2.

The magnitude of the original We Are the World cannot be understated.  The greatest American musical artists (other than Prince) came together to produce a sappy and over the top tune that pretty much changed the music world forever, and maybe helped some hungry Africans while they were at it.  Springsteen, Dylan, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Kenny Rogers, Stevie Wonder, Willie Nelson, Lionel Richie, Cyndi Lauper, Willie Nelson, they were all there.  Really the best that this country had to offer at the time (other than Prince) and they belted out a classic that has stood the test of time!

25 years later an earthquake hit Haiti, which was a disaster, but not as big of a disaster as the remake of We Are The World, which was to “raise awareness” for Haiti.  Awareness is great, but no substitute for better building codes.  Anyway, check out this crap.

Where to fucking even begin?  Well, first off, you could waterboard me and I couldn’t name more than 10 of the people in the video, and 2 of those are Jeff Bridges and Vince Vaughn.  What the hell are they doing in there?  Ok sure, Dan Akroyd was in the original, so I’ll give one of them a pass, and of course that would be The Dude.  Vince Vaughn needs to GTFO.  Another one that I can name was fucking DEAD, and a known child molester by then.  1985 Michael Jackson >>> 2010 Michael Jackson and that is just a fact.  I’m surprised they didn’t have fat OJ in there too.  And I won’t even mention that they start with a 5 year old Justin Beiber, and then break into some rap thing about 2/3 of the way through.  See, I didn’t even mention it.

But the biggest crime, in my view, was whoever that brunette is at the 4:00 mark:


Really, Stacy?  You think you raise awareness for Haiti coming in brown?  Here’s how you raise awareness for Haiti.


Or maybe like this:


That would get my attention.  Well, whatever, the 2010 We Are The World remake sucked balls, and was widely panned as a mistake of the first order of magnitude.  SNL put it out of its misery with this skit, which won’t embed for some fucking reason, so the link is here.

And that ends the story of We Are The World.  Or at least I hope so anyway.

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