I Love Alabama Fans!

Gotta love those Alabama fans.  A grand total of TWELVE PEOPLE showed up to welcome the team home.  


Alabama fans don’t accept excuses, or give a god damn that the team went undefeated until it lost the national championship in the last second to the #2 team in the nation.  Fuck that.  They don’t put up semifinalist banners or SEC champion banners in Tuscaloosa.  They put up NATIONAL CHAMPIONS banners or its fuck you, ya “loosers.”  The 2016 Alabama team will go down in history as a disgrace, and rightfully so.  They love two things in Alabama, WINNING and Cracker Barrel, but not necessarily in that order.

In fact, if Alabama is going to lose National Championships like they did the other night, Alabama fans don’t even need TV’s anymore.

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