Enter Sandman


I ,the Sandman ,would like to be the first to welcome me ,the Sandman ,to the Monkey With a Gun Blog.  The bros don’t call me the Sandman because I like the beach ,because I don’t like the beach much if yous can’t drive on it.  No they call me the Sandman because I put to people to sleep.  Used to be that I put people to sleep on the football field ,but that was before that new pussy rule bout leading off with your noggin ,which is why God put your feet on one end and your spine splitter at the other, if you ask me.  Theseadays ,other than that incident at Shooters in Logansport a couple years ago (he asked for it) ,I put pussy libtards to sleep with my hot takes on politics ,and not from boredom ,but from the rightedness of my views ,many of which come directly from the Lord God Almighty Himself ,who is white.

Yea ,I said PUSSY.  A couple times.  So does our president.  You don’t like real talk? Fuck you ,theres the door.  Hit the bricks pal because you are going off.  Coffee is for closers.  (Alec Baldwin from the sales guy movie. Whatta actor.)

Enough bullshit, because I’m sicka this shit and gotta write.  Hit da music.

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