Happy General Robert E. Lee Day


Lots of people dont even know this because of the communist liar retard communist liberal libtards ,but today is officially General Robert E. Lee Day ,people.  Yea ,thats right ,dont listen to the bullshit about that other made up Hallogram holiday.  Today is General Robert E. Lee day!  Recognized in all of the states that matter including Bama, Arkansas, Missississippi and my home the great state of Florida ,today we celebraish the birthing of the greatest and most winninest general of all time General Robert Edward Lee (aka Bobby Lee, although never to his face).  

Borned on January 19, 1807, General Lee served this country with pride and dastinction for many years, including most notably in the War of Northern Aggresion, which he won decisively no matter what the liberal tex books say today.  No matter the circumstance, General Lee carried himself with pride and a dastinction, which is forever memorialied throughout my homeland with statutes of Bobby Lee astride a proud mount ,whom is also of impeachable strength and characters.  As we all no and cannot reasonably argue (except libtards will) ,this is the highest calling of any man ,to sit proundly astride a proud strider while defending the Constitution and fighting for freedom and liberty for all people.  


And to correct any mispreceptions from the photo of the statute ,lets be clear here.  From the day he was borned until the day he died, Robert E. Lee was white.

As for that other guy who I won’t even mention who tries to hog all the attention on Robert E. Lee’s birthday ,I do not believe there is any record whatsoever of him ever riding a horse.  Not even a pony like at a backyard birthday or nothing.  For those of yous inclined to celebrate his day cause you get to take a day off work (if you work) ,I challenge you to provide one picture ,just one ,of Mr. King astride a proud mount.  I’ll wait.

Hearing none, cue da music.

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