Viral Alert – Cash Me Ousside How Bow Dah

Quick public service announcement as to the latest stupid thing going viral.  So the story is some trashy red neck 13 year old girl went on a trashy daytime TV talk show, because her mom won’t let her have any fun, or something, because that’s a story I guess.  Our young heroine of course got into a dispute with the audience, as is customary.  When “all the whores” in the audience laughed at her, she replied “Cash me ousside how bow dah,” which translates to “Catch me outside, how about that,” which in turn translates to “In view of your expressed disdain for my comments, I would be willing to meet with you after the show outside of this facility, where we can discuss the matter further, and/or engage in a physical altercation.  What is your reaction to my offer?”  

Well, this deplorable young lady is now an internet sensation, with paparazzi following her around, and her unique dialect has been widely adopted in memes, tweets, etc., including by our own Chicago White Sox, as shown above.  That’s the internet for you.  Tape below.

Roll the tape (“cash me ousside how bow dah” at the 3:27 mark):

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