My First Protest Today Went About As Well As Could Be Expected

So on my way to get some caffeine this morning I encountered the protesters outside Planned Parenthood, and by on my way I mean about a mile out of my way so that I could hassle the protesters outside Planned Parenthood.  I was hoping there would be a bunch of hot babes counter protesting with whom I could join ranks and chant along, maybe even get a pink stocking cap.  But alas, what luck have I?  It was just me on the side of all that is right and good, so I did my best under the circumstances.  Am I a hero?  Who’s to say.  But yes, yes I am.

Allow me to be the first to say that my protest game definitely needs some work.  I don’t have any catchy slogans, and the camera work is awful.  “There are 15 of you and millions of me.”  That doesn’t even make sense.  All I really did was tell some Trump voters to go home and that god isn’t real.  Probably going to hell for that.  Well, whatever, it’s a start, and I’m in the protest game now.  So stay tuned. 

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