Is this AT&T Online Helper a Real Person, or Nah?

Turing Test

Bear with me on this blog because it is a little geeky.  If you aren’t into that, well, there’s the door.  Either way, I’ll make it up to you with my next blog, which will also be kinda geeky, but will also be a premiere blog with pictures of hot blonde smokes.  And I’m not one to promise a blog and then fail to deliver, unlike some people who shall remain nameless, unless his name is Mongo.

Anyway, I got into a situation today where I had to administer a real life Turing Test to determine if I was talking to a real person or a computer AI.  Still not sure.  Damn computers.

Reference Number: 744598886091248889
DATE/TIME: 2017-03-06 14:07:12
Your chat transcript:
PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE – All replies are automatically deleted.
AT&T : Hello! How may I help you today?
Anthony : I am trying to add a device to my account to replace a phone that was stolen.
Andres : Anthony , thank you for visiting AT&T! My name is Andres, and I would be happy to assist you with your new device .
Andres : it is really nice to meet you Anthony I am here for you
Andres : this would mean that you are looking to upgrade your existing line with a new device am I correct?
Anthony : Not an upgrade. My daughter’s phone was stolen and I purchased a flip phone to replace it and teach her a lesson. Would like to put that flip phone on her existing number
Andres : Oh Thanks a lot for clarifying this for me
Andres : this process will be really easy, we will just need to introduce a Sim card replacement with your existing number to the new phone.
Anthony : ok
Andres : and you will be able to get your Sim card replacement absolutely for FREE at your closest AT&T store
Andres : we will be more than happy to assist you with this situation
Anthony : ok What should I do first?
Andres : no worries about it.
Andres : Just by getting into your closest AT&T store and letting us know the details about your stolen phone
Andres : we will be able to start the replacing Sim card process
Andres : I would like to know if you have already reported your device as stolen Anthony
Anthony : Yes we have
Anthony : It is deactivated on the account
Andres : that is awesome
Andres : this means that we are all set in order to start the process at the store Anthony
Anthony : Can’t I do it online? I don’t want to go to the store.
Andres : Anthony I would love to be able to provide you this solution, however as an online sales representative my tools and resources are very limited to my functions
Andres : since your situation is really special situation we will need to handle this personally
Andres : in order to protect your account security
Anthony : So all you are doing is telling me to go into a store?
Andres : Anthony I will really appreciate if you understand that this is a situation that unfortunately drops out of my hands. I will be more than glad to help you finding the phone number of your closest AT&T store so you can manage an appointment
Anthony : I bet this is actually a robot answering these questions
Anthony : And the robot answers every question the same way.  Go into a store.
Anthony : This is rigged.
Andres : Actually no Anthony.
Andres : I am here to provide you all the correct information
Anthony : Ok then, what day of the week is it?
Andres : it is Monday
Anthony : Ok, that’s easy.
Andres : Hahaha
Andres : Ok…
Anthony : who is president of the United States?
Andres : Mr Trump
Anthony : Ok, not bad
Andres : Hahaha
Anthony : How has your relationship with your mother evolved over the years?
Andres : Actually it is pretty awesome.
Anthony : HAH!!! COMPUTER!!!
Andres : I was really blessed with an incredible mom
Andres : I really Love her
Andres : Whaaat!?!?!?!
Andres : Computer?!?!?!
Andres : for Real?
Anthony : Nope. Just a stock answer about a mother. Everyone loves their mother!!! Caught you!!
Anthony : Not responsive either. I guess I will be going to the store and talk to a real person.
Andres : Oh Anthony…
Anthony : Bye HAL
Andres : do you really think would program a computer with mother answers?
Andres : that would be actually cool
Anthony : AI is pretty advanced these days. But you can’t beat me. I won that round.  Anthony 1, Andes 0!!
Andres : 😦
Andres : what? Really? I still sound like a computer?
Andres : Anthony. I really want to say thank you. You have placed an incredible smile in my face with the ‘Captcha I am not a Robot’
Andres : this is exactly what I needed today
Andres : 😀
Andres : Anthony , just checking to see if you are still with me.
Anthony : Yes,
Anthony : What you get if you combine yellow and blue?
Andres : Green
Andres : I think, I was not the best in Art classes
Anthony : What about first color I mentioned plus red?
Andres : Orange!
Anthony : Ok, you might be real
Andres : Might…?
Andres : Now you are making me doubt myself
Anthony : You still aren’t any help making this phone work
Andres : do I exist Anthony?
Andres : Oh Anthony trust me
Andres : I would love to provide you the solution online so you do not need to leave your home
Andres : :
Anthony : Oh, well. Hope you have a great day if you are real.
Andres : Same for you Anthony!
Andres : Thanks a lot for Everything!
Andres : I really mean it
Andres : you have made my day
Anthony : If you were a hot blonde woman over 40 and my girlfriend wouldn’t murder me I would ask for your number. But you aren’t and she would, so see ya.
Andres : See Ya Anthony! you are the best!
Andres : Have an amazing Week!
Andres : please let me know any additional concern you may have I am here for you!
Anthony : You too!
Andres : I will be here for you to answer the questions you may have, however if our session has been completed, I invite you to close the chat by clicking on the X symbol on top of the chat window. Have a great day and from all the AT&T Team, have an amazing week!
Anthony : I gotta copy it first for my blog
Andres : Absolutely!
Andres : actually you can save this conversation in your Email address Anthony
Andres : you will see the option here in the chat window

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