Blonde Tracks – The National Anthem by Fergie

Here’s a recent Blonde Track to help get through the worst time of the year, which is right now, after the Super Bowl and before March Madness starts up. 

Everyone is talking about Fergie’s rendition of the National Anthem the other night at the NBA All-Star game, and not in a good way.  Apparently “real Americans” didn’t like Fergie’s version, and are pissing and moaning because she didn’t sing it exactly like they are used to hearing it.

Well, you know who else liked to have his national anthem sung the same way every time?  That’s right, HITLER!   Right after taking office, Hitler enacted the Singendie Aufveder Hymncorrecten laws, requiring that the national anthem be sung the exact same way each time.  So you people criticizing Fergie are basically just like Hitler.  And between Hitler and Fergie, I’ll take Fergie, and not just because she’s a smoke, but because Hitler murdered 6 million Jews.

 And actually, if you turn the sound all the way down, as you must do with some of Fergie’s videos, it is actually pretty good.  Fergie is looking hot, per usual, and even sultry in that black dress.  I will post some more Fergie videos in the Blonde Tracks in the upcoming days, but here is a nice pic with some milk to tide everyone over.



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