We Can All Learn Some Important Life Lessons from this 20 Second Video

Kind of a metaphor for life, this video.  When you fall down, you gotta get back up.  No one ever drowned from falling into the water, but from staying there, or something.  But then just when get back up and dust yourself off, down you go again.  And then Trump gets elected.  What a world.

You People Saying that Sports Stars Should Just Shut Up, Should, Well, Just Shut Up

The Cubs went to the White House today and it looks like a good time was had by all.  Rizzo wore his Ron Burgundy jacket, and Theo gave the Prez an official pardon for being a Sox fan, as well as a W flag to fly at the future presidential library in Chicago.  The Cubs also presented our president with a lifetime admission pass to Wrigley, which he noted was “NON TRANSFERABLE.”  Lots of laughs all around, and a nice Chicago sendoff for President Obama in his last week in office. Continue reading

These Sheep Can Play for Me Any Day

I feel like sheep get a bad rap, am I right?  I mean, sheep are on the shitty end of all the parables and sayings.  The wolf, sheep and sheep dog story is told in all the war movies, and being the sheep is clearly the worst option.  “You can shear a sheep many times, but kill him only once.”  Real nice.  The “So many sheep, so little time” bumper sticker that Satan made up back in the 90’s was so wrong on many levels, but especially from the perspective of the sheep.  Political followers on both side of the aisles are always called sheep, unlike the thoughtful individuals who give deep, considerate thought to all the issues, and then vote Republican every time.  The list just goes on and on.  Plus its gotta suck getting herded all over the place with a dog nipping at your ass every day.  Sheep life has just gotta suck.  Well, these sheep got some payback, and good for them.  Probably will be a 15 yard penalty on that list hit, but it was worth it.  Team sheep on this one.

Top 10 Cubs Games of 2016


SPOILER ALERT, but I think we all know what #1 will be.  That one is easy.  After that, not so much.  Obviously, you don’t get to be World Series champs without some ridiculous performances on the field, and some blowouts of the first order of magnitude.  Those games are always fun, but sometimes the close games in extra innings, or the walk off homer (or bunt?!?!), or the come from behind win, are even more memorable.  And then there are games with great stories, like Chapman’s arrival, walking Harper six times in one game, and games where, to be honest, a lot of guys were out there questioning Maddon (not me, Probie, Gramps nor Seadick, but some guys were).  And then you had the POSTSEASON!  Obviously these games were MUCH more important than any regular season game.

How would one even attempt to consider all these factors and name the Top 10 games, let alone IN ORDER??  Well, that’s what premiere blogging is all about.  You’re welcome. Continue reading

Twitter Guessers Aren’t Real


If you want to be internet famous, and who doesn’t, all you gotta do is Twitter predict some wildly improbably event with uncanny specificity, and then have that wildly improbable event actually happen, specifically as you uncannily predicted.  If you can do that, you will go viral on the Internets, the secret dream of everyone these days. 

The latest Nostradamus is @FanuteGod who tweeted back in April that the Giants would go 11-5 and only lose to the Eagles, Redskins, Steelers, Vikings and Packers.  Assuming the Giants beat the Redskins next weekend, this prediction will be dead on balls accurate.  The odds of predicting the Giants’ EXACT win-loss record, and who they would lose to this season, are somewhere between the odds of IJ not drinking a beer today and Gramps ever voting for a Democrat, and by that I mean damn near impossible. Continue reading

What is the Penalty Situation Here?

The obvious question is whether his guy is alive or dead, and how many of his buddies died trying to save him.  But what I want to know is what the penalty is here?  Shouldn’t it be a penalty to even end up in the middle of the pond like that, regardless of the fact that it is frozen?  Otherwise, you could just play right through frozen lakes and ponds, which is probably what he was doing here.  And is it a stroke if you completely miss the ball, and then fall and die?  I assume that is a stroke, but maybe there is a death exception.  How would you even find out something like that?

h/t Tito

P.J. Fleck is a . . .


Full disclosure, I’m a graduate of the Cheasapeake University of Naval Technology, also known as Annapolis or the United States Naval Academy, so I fully admit that I am biased here, but take a look at this bullshite.  P.J. Fleck, the coach at Western Michigan, darling of ESPN’s Sportscenter and of “Row the Boat” fame managed to squeak out a victory against that football powerhouse Ohio University, the Bobcats, not the Buckeyes, 29-23.  In so doing, he thought his team made a case to go to the Cotton Bowl.  Let’s roll the tape.


I guess that’s not terrible, obnoxious and arrogant sure, but his team is undefeated and a coach is supposed to advocate for his team right?  And there is a lot of money at stake.  A Cotton Bowl check is much larger than any of the other bowls that the Broncos could end up in.  So, I know what you are asking, “SeaDick, what’s your beef here?”  Well, I’ll tell you.  What you didn’t see in that clip is Coach Fleck’s response after the game when  asked, after again advocating for his team to go to the Cotton Bowl, whether he would commit to coaching his team in the Cotton Bowl rather than accepting a job at a new school.  I’m sure you will be shocked to hear that he would not give such a commitment.

Verdict:  DBag



Well, I’ve done it again, you guys.  Made the Urban Dictionary AGAIN with my seductive use of the English language.  A couple hours ago I was screaming a catch phrase in the stands at da Bears game, then a few people pick it up, then the whole section is screaming it and then the point of my catch phrase, which I saw coming of course, decides the game.  And then it is on the Urban Dictionary.  The stuff of legend. Continue reading

Here’s me and SeaDick at Game 7 of the World Series. NBD


SeaDick and I may or may not agree on the scope of the Prior Restraint doctrine as it applies to Mongo’s (potential) blog, and you would need a law degree from a superior law school to understand the difference anyway, but here was a moment when we were in full agreement. How is this not up here already? A moment of pure joy.

Might be one of the high points in my life. Gotta post that, you guys.